The service is for free – 09/25/2016


My whole life has been serving other people for free. People often might wonder the reasons why I do this. Why I help others without expecting anything in return? I have ran away from everything: prestige, recognition, fame, money and the appreciation of men. To me the only thing that matters is knowing that helping others is what matters. That God understands my heart and no matter what other people think of me, He sees my real intentions. The only way to really serve God is to fly free as a bird without expecting a meal on my way.

There is only one reward I look forward and that is meeting Christ face to face in heaven. God has helped me with so many things. He has been there next to me, by my side every single day. He is my father and my protector. It doesn’t mean bad things never happen to me, but even when they happen, I know it’s God’s will. Accepting everything as it comes is the secret to a peaceful life.

The service is for free is all about doing things for others no matter how “wacky” people think you are. It’s all about giving yourself without expecting reward or expecting love in return. It’s all about accepting humiliation no matter how much good you do. It’s a vocation, it’s all about giving your life. It’s all about been happy and trusting in God’s providence.

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Countries where I have helped the homeless of the streets:

* Guatemala (Central America)
* Laredo, Texas
* France
* Austin, Texas
* San Antonio, Texas

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