Childhood memories

Childhood memories

Most of my life has been very secretive even while growing up in Guatemala. There are many places that I used to visit with my family that I seldom shared with the outside world. There are so many memories that I never had the chance to share with anyone else.

As a child when I was 10 years old, I still remember I was on the second floor in front of my TV at home. I always loved watching cartoons like Popeye, the Smurfs, Tom and Jerry, and Road Runner. I could watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (produced in 1,995) multiple times without getting tired.

I used to visit so many places with my family like San Lucas Sacatepéquez. The tostadas and atole was always great. Not to metion that I always used those visits to find someone in need. Almost always there was a lady or an old man asking for money there.

San Lucas

San Lucas Sacatepéquez

On trips like this where it took around 15-45 minutes to get to our destination, I always liked viewing the skies while my father was driving the car. I don’t know, I really liked the feeling of the wind touching my face. We also went to a place called Escuintla that had a nice lake.

Sometimes we also went to lake Amatitlán. Occasionally we would also take my grandfather here:

The following is a video that shows a street which is fairly close to the house I used to have in Guatemala. These are the streets were I did a lot of missionary work. I can remember myself running on the sides of these streets:

I have so many great childhood memories of Guatemala. Still, I don’t really miss it. I am very happy where I live right now because there is a lot of nature sort of like Guatemala.

The following is a video that shows my Karate master(sensei) that taught me Karate when I was a child in Guatemala. The video also shows the actual Gym where I used to train:

Karate helped me in life. Not as a way to beat people. Yes, I do admit I had a few fights when I was in school. But there came a point in my life when I realized that violence leads nowhere. That life is meant to be lived in peace and to give peace to others.

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Countries where I have helped the homeless of the streets:

* Guatemala (Central America)
* Laredo, Texas
* France
* Austin, Texas
* San Antonio, Texas

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